Residential vs. Commercial Demolition

Most of us have misunderstood the process of demolition. We may think that no matter what type of demolition is done in a particular property, it still follows the same steps and process. We may think that it will use the same equipment and we may think that it uses the same amount of force and volume of people. Significantly, misconception mostly happens about the residential and commercial demolition.  However, Orlando demolition and hauling enlighten you to the difference between the two and will surely be the best company in town in terms of demolition both residential and commercial. 

When we say residential buildings, it talks about places where we reside, basically our homes, or even our garage; it can also be an apartment. It usually refers to properties that do not contain a bigger and wider amount of area. On the other hand, commercial buildings by the name itself refers to buildings which are used by the entrepreneurs or businessmen, a place which is the center of their business. It is usually spacious like malls and covers a wide amount of area like schools, and office buildings.  

In terms of demolition the residential and commercial differs. When we talk about residential demolition it usually uses lighter equipment depending on what area of your home you wanted to be demolished. The company will also see to it that the operation is handled with extra care to avoid unnecessary destruction especially to neighborhoods. Since, residential demolition deals with homes the company must always be observant to other properties that might be affected, especially the plumbing system of the area as it will result in bigger issues and problems.  

However, let us explore commercial demolition, this type of demolition requires heavier equipment compared to residential as it deals with wide, spacious and bigger structures and buildings. This type of demolition does not require much care like the residential; in fact the company may use safe explosives to demolish the structures or buildings easily. The company might also be observant with the neighboring buildings but not as observant in residential. Moreover, there are equipment that will be used in commercials that are not needed in residential areas. 

Furthermore, residential and commercial demolition also differs logically. In residential demolition, the demolition team or company can directly consult the homeowners about the demolition but in commercial demolition they need to coordinate to general contractors and require proper collaboration and should plan it out well.  

After the demolition, the residential area where the home is being removed might require grading if the ground is uneven and needs to be flattened. In contrast, commercial areas do not need grading since usually the area is located on the cities with even surfaces. 

Whether commercial or residential demolition, our companies with our team of experts are always one call away to offer you the best demolition team in town that ensures, safety, efficient, effective, skillful, knowledgeable and well-equipped individuals that provide services beyond your expectations.